About Mauritius Ile Aux Cerfs

Our Story

Passionate local individuals with a focus on customer satisfaction

Local tourism experts with a passion for maritime hospitality

My name is Vincent, and I'd like to extend to you a warm invitation for the Ile Aux Cerfs catamaran cruise on behalf of myself and our crew. We'd love for you to take advantage of our truly exceptional cruise services.

I was born on the coast of Mauritius and grew up with the ocean as a part of my life. Now, like so many of my fellow Mauritians, I am fiercely proud of the beauty she has to offer. No trip to this country is complete without affording yourself the opportunity to discover the hidden treasures that abound on both land and sea. As someone with a passion for helping myself and others connect with nature, I have joined with my fellows in the maritime and tourist industries to help you do just that.

Together, we have crafted the catamaran cruise to Ile Aux Cerfs to showcase the sun, surf, beaches, relaxation, cuisine, and spirit of exploration that make Mauritius a unique tropical paradise by any standard. Our cruise offers the chance to make memories of Mauritius and her friendly people. Please join us and let us prove it to you!

Vincent Lam